Flexituff, India’s Largest Dripper Manufacturer, relies on The Next Generation Machines From Netstal,Switzerland to ensure consistent higher quality.

Flexituff has a production capacity of over 1 Billion NPC Drippers per annum . It is also India’s First Flat Dripper manufacturer catering to over 80% of India’s demand for flat drippers. Produced on quality machines from Switzerland, these Inline Drippers are supplied to Drip Irrigation Pipe Manufacturers world over.

Why Flexituff Drippers ?

Customers In India Can Enjoy 24 X 7 ,Local Access Instead Of ‘Importing’ Hassles.
• No need to block money in long inventory cycles • No import hassles, peace of mind • Assured supplies, no production loss • Low inventory costs owing to just-in-time inventory • Buy any quantity, no minimum-lot restrictions

• Next Generation Hybrid Injection Molding Machine Nestal ELION Hybrid 2200 from Netstal of Switzerland
Closed Loop Automatic Production System from Raw Material to Packaging • Online Multiple Camera controlled Inspection System to check every dripper • Checks quality on 15 parameters • Quality chutes for identifying and separation of good and bad drippers • PMT mould for high definition flow path • Moog controlled hybrid injection molding machines which gives .01 gram weight tolerance • Hot runner with valve gates ensures equal cavity filling • Close Loop Conveyers System to avoid contamination • 4 stage box changers to pack exact number of drippers per box • Zero Contamination ensures ready-to-use drippers out-of-the-box • Uniformity in dripper weight leads to trouble free pipe production • Automatic Box Filling ensures exact quantity of drippers in each box every time
• Micro-Processor controlled hands-free packaging

Small Wonders.

• Made out of 100% virgin Polyethylene for better durability • Powder metal technology ensures sharp labyrinth teeth’s • Smallest filter ensures lowest clogging • Reduction in emitting-pipe cost due to short length • Increased number of water entrances to achieve better flow • Shorter flow path with high definition to reduce pressure losses • Enables high speed insertions that leads to higher pipe production • Decreased OD leads to lower wall thickness pipe production possibility • High bonding quality ensures long lasting performance of emitting pipe • Lower CV leads to uniform water discharge • More production, more earnings • Less wastage, more savings • Assured availability • Lower rate of failures, less replacements • Better brand recall, repeat sales

Designed In India, Tested And
Strengthened In Israel, The Home Of
Drip Technology. 

Flexituff spent more than two years on the drawing board, studying the drippers and creating a design that suited global conditions. The designs were converted into prototype and then taken to Israel, for further development. They were Prototyped again in Israel and Tested using Master Pattern Technique to achieve perfection in design and build. The designs were realized using 64 cavity Fully Hot Runner Moulds created by using Powder Metal Technology for the first time in India.

Flexituff can manufacture and supply Drippers 24X7 as per client needs.
To request a quote, please contact us: (E) dripper@flexituff.com
(T) +91 7292 401681 / 82 / 83, 420200 (F) +91 7292 401684