Flexituff FIBC.
Patents, Innovative Practices And
One Of The Few Companies
In The World To Have All applicable Global Quality Certifications including The C-TPAT
Certification From The USA.

Flexituff produces 25 Million FIBCs per year – made up of Circular or flat Sulzer fabric – at its world’s largest integrated clean room FIBC manufacturing facility. From sand to Mint-coins, Chemicals to Milk powder, Processed meat to pharmaceuticals, food grains to dangerous goods Flexituff FIBCs have been bagging it all for the world.The 100% vertically integrated plant not only allows total control on quality and delivery time, but also eliminates the vagaries of outsourced material or workmanship. Innovative production layout and game changing operational practices have led to Flexituff delivering any FIBC requirement within an exacting spectrum of cost, quality and delivery schedule.
It is the quest for customer-centric innovation at Flexituff that the company not only has patents on some of its technologies and bags (FlexiTunnel™, Pallet-less bag and FlexiSling™ Bags) but also it has filed 8 additional patents.

Think Bulk packaging. Think Big. Think Flexituff.

Four Loop Bags 

Flexituff offers a wide range of Standard Corner Loops and Cross Corner Loops FIBCs for bulk packaging from 500- 2000 Kgs.

Single/ Two Loop Bags

Also called as Fertilizer bags, they are one of the popular offering of Flexituff. It is manufactured in a way that the fabric of the bag is used as a ‘lifting loop’. The total production capacity of Flexituff for Single Loop Bag is close to 4 Million bags per year. What makes them unique is that they are made out of a single layer circular fabric, coated/ uncoated or with an option of PE liner as per customer’s requirements. These bags are mainly used for packaging Fertilizer,Fish feed, Seed and Cement.
Flexituff is the only Indian Company to offer Single loop bags with suspended liner made on World renowned Gunter® sealing machine.

Builder Bags/ Tunnel Lift Bags

Builder Bags are used for high volume usage. Flexituff holds a patent for Tunnel LiftTM bags. They are made especially for the Building and Construction Industries and are used for filling sand, construction waste or aggregates..
Flexi Global-UK, Flexituff’s 100% owned subsidiary stocks and offers entire range of builder bags from its UK warehouses.

Specialized Bags: Type C + D

Flexituff has evolved two specialized and protective bulk bag packaging that nullify damaging accidents due to static electricity- Type C (conductive) & D (dissipative) Bags employing patented Crohmiq® technology.
Flexituff is the only Indian manufacturer holding Texene,USA’s license and rights to produce type D Crohmiq® fabric and bags.

Specialized Bags: Baffle Bags

Also called as Form Stable bags or Q bags, they maintain their square shape which allows optimum use of space during warehousing and transportation. 

UN Bags

Flexituff UN bags are certified by IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging) that issues a UN certificate based on testing parameters as prescribed in the IMDG code. A UN FIBC is subjected to rigorous tests to make sure that each of them is safe, functional, and up to rigorous international standards. The company has been delivering such bags over a decade with full expertise and full adherence to specified norms.

Ventilated Bags

Flexituff’s ventilated bags are made of flat Sulzer Polypropylene Woven Fabric specifically designed to permit the required air flow through the fabric into the bag to keep them from getting either too hot, too wet and to prevent mould ingress on the crop/log itself. Ventilated bags are commonly used for packing, storage and transportation of potato, onion and firewood logs.

FIBC with Special Liners

At Flexituff, Liners are being manufactured and stored in a state-of-the-art Clean Room environment (ISO 14644-1 class 7). Besides Standard Tubular liner, the company provides the following Specialized Liners: Form-fit liners, Baffle Liner, Aluminum Liner, Nylon Liner, EVOH Liner,PP Liner, Liquid Liner, Valve Liner and Conductive Liner. Liners can be attached to the bag in various options like Tabbed Liner, Glued Liner or Flanged Liner.

True to its spirit of innovation, besides the above, Flexituff has a plethora of FIBC design options to cater to a product or industry need i.e.

Peanut Bag • Soil Bags • Special Hygienic food grade FDA approved bags for direct packaging of edible commodities
• Form stable Baffle bags (Normal as well as bag-in-bag design) • Container liners
• Sift resistant bags (with Triple and /or double dust/filler cords) • Sling bags (A patented product – FlexiSling)
• Garden waste bags and box bags

The experienced hands at Flexituff can timely deliver orders- huge and small for your industry.
To request a quote, please contact us:
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