Flexituff Ventures International Limited (“Flexituff” or the “Company”), formerly Flexituff International Limited, was originally constituted as a partnership firm in 1966, which was reconstituted from time to time.

Incorporation & Evolution

1993-94 – Incorporated in 1993 in the name of “Naviska Packaging Private Limited”, Flexituff is one of India’s leading bulk packaging companies. It started with PP Woven SA/HDPE Sacks at Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) at Pithampur with a capacity of 1,380 MT, which was expanded to 2,700 MT till 2004.

2001-02 – The name of Company changed from existing to “Giltpac International India Private Limited”w.e.f 29th June, 2001.

2003-04 – Flexituff, with its new name “Naviska Packaging Private Limited” w.e.f 1st January, 2003, commenced production of FIBC products at Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Pithampur with a capacity of 7,800 MT.

The Company converted its status from “private” to “public” w.e.f 25th April, 2003 in its new name “Flexituff International Limited”.

2005-06 – The manufacturing capacity at DTA was expanded to 5,200 MT. The Company also received BRC & AIB Certifications for food grade packing. Also, the registered office of the Company shifted from Madhya Pradesh to West Bengal.

2007-08 – Establishment of R&D Unit (3 labs) at Mahuakheraganj, Kashipur for chemical, polymer and compounding quality assurance related activities. Also, the manufacturing capacity was expanded to 23,000 MT at SEZ and DTA units collectively.

2009-10 – Established a new plant of 16,000 MT capacity at Mahuakherganj, Kashipur for production of Reverse printed BOPP woven bags, Geo-Textile fabrics, Leno bags & PP bags.

2011-12 – Flexituff came up with IPO of Rs. 1,046 mn. Also, Flexituff bagged a Rs. 550 mn order for supply of geo-bags.

2013-14 – Investment of Rs. 460 mn by Clearwater Capital Partners (Cyprus) in 2007-08 & private equity investment by TPG & IFC by a mix of equity & FCCB. Also, was awarded as fastest growing Company of India by ET Bengal Corporate Award in 2014.

2015-16 – Established a new sub-unit at DTA for stitching. Also, commencement of India’s largest non-woven geo-textile facility at Kashipur with a capacity of 10,300 MT. 4 proprietary products, viz. Sand fill tubular mattresses, barrier force, pipe sack & geo-tube were also developed with only manufacturing capacity in India and registered office shifted from West Bengal to Madhya Pradesh. The Company has been named in the Top 500 Companies in India by Dun & Bradstreet based on total income, net profit, net worth and market capitalization in 2016.

2017-18 – Development of “Cutting Edge” technology – stitch-less bags & exclusive rights for manufacturing FIBC using fusion technology.

2018-19 – Flexituff is doing multiple businesses of FIBC, Technical Textile, Industrial Textile, Compounding, Injection-moulding, etc. with an intent to venture into design and solution for various infrastructure problems. Seeing the big growth segment of the new businesses, the name of the Company stands changed to “Flexituff Ventures International Limited” w.e.f 28th September, 2018.