The Energy And Nimbleness Of
Being Young In Nonwoven Products.

Flexituff produces nonwovens for a wide variety of applications like Textile, Automotive,
footwear industry and many other sectors. Flexituff in a very short time has established itself as a prominent supplier in the Indian market. Being young has meant that
we have more thirst to do well, more energy to prove that we are second to none in terms of quality, fast responses and range of offerings.
The nonwoven business has been broadly classified into four product groups: 1. Non woven floor covering carpets 2. Interlining for apparels
3. Non woven filter fabrics and 4. Synthetics leather substrates and shoe linings

The Flexituff Advantage

• Latest state-of-the-art modern plant • Highly qualified and experienced technical professionals
• Sophisticated quality test equipment and labs ensuring superior product quality • ISO9001: 2008 accredited plant with
strict quality control resulting in high accuracy of desired parameters • Integrated Manufacturing operations For cost effectiveness • Fast, timely and responsible service (reply
within 15 hours) • Professionally managed Listed Public Limited Company since over two decades

Non Woven Floor Covering Carpets

Non Woven Carpets are manufactured by a different process compared to Tufting and Weaving. Non Woven Carpets are
made from Polypropylene fibers or Polyester fibers. The fibers are formed into a web by Needle Punching and then
chemically bonded to form the carpet. Flexituff also manufactures Non-Woven Carpets with Jute Backing for higher
dimensional strength.

These are available in latex backed form for direct usage.
• Plain Non-Woven Carpet • Non-Woven Carpet with Scrim • Random Velour Non-Woven Carpet

• GSM Range : 220 to 1500 • Width range : 1 Mtr – 4 Mtrs • Color Availability: As per shade cards and any other customized
product based on qualifying MOQ New color MOQ 20000 Sqm

• Wall to Wall Carpet • Exhibition Carpet • Tent House Carpet • Events, Exhibitions, Banquet Halls • Commercial & Corporate Offices/Showrooms

Synthetic Leather Substrate

Flexituff has the best of equipment for good density, high tear strength Nonwoven Fabric. Polyester Needle Punched
nonwoven Fabric is the base material of synthetic leather. It imparts good dimensional stability and has high temperature
resistance (180-210°C).

• GSM Range : 60 to 300 • Width range : 1.1 to 3.3 Mtrs • Color availability: White, Black, Grey
• Durable, maintains shape, bonds well and quite stable. • With natural leather’s character and higher tensile strength, better
breaking and peeling resistance.• Wearable, well ventilated, environment-friendly and hygienic. • Chemical dipping process
for good color fastness, softness and good elasticity


• Toecap and slip sole for shoe. • Lining of bags • Functional insole component for leather goods.

Interlining For Apparel

Polyester Non Woven Needle Punched Fabric from 80 to 500 Gsm. It is produced in the following categories:
• Needle punched polyester fabric • Needle punched with calendared
• Needle punched and chemical coated for stiffness, water repellent and fire proof.

• GSM Range : 60 to 500 Gsm • Width range : 1.1 Mtr to 3.3 Mtrs • Color Availability: White, Black, Grey and any
color specified by customers

• Shoulder pad • Fashion Felt • Bra Pad • Garment Inter Lining • Coat lining • Jacket lining.

Non Woven Filter Fabrics

Polyester Non Woven Needle Punched Filter Cloth is produced for making Non Woven Filter Bags
which are used in various industries to trap dust particles. Our polyester fabric is strong, abrasion
resistance and has resistance to common acids, solvents and oxidizing agents.

• Gsm Range : 200 to 600 • Width range : 1.1 to 3.3 Mtrs • Fiber Availability: Polyester, PP
• Water repellent

• Dust Collection Bags Filters. • Air Filters for Automobiles • AC Filters: Chemical Bonded Filters for
Air Conditioning Units. • Panel Filters: Filter Fabrics for Electric Panels, Generators Sets, etc.

• Filter Fabrics for Paint Booths • Liquid Filters: Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. Water
repellent calendared and singing process required. 

For additional information and inquiries please contact:

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(formerly known as Flexituff International Ltd)

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