Technical Textiles And More …

More symbolizes enthusiasm. More than signaling a range of products, it symbolizes an attitude, energy and dynamism. It goes beyond the mere delivering of products and services. Through ‘more’, Flexituff is keen to show that it is earnestly eager for your business to do well. And it is eager to do whatever possible to make it happen. Flexituff is ‘more than just a company’. It is a friend, a caring and socially-responsible member of society. It is a builder of relationships; it is a leader, a thinker, an innovator. Not less, with Flexituff, expect more.

The Edge of Leadership

Flexituff is a multi-product, multi-market, multi-location enterprise. Having evolved from a leading global FIBC major to a foremost Indian Geosynthetics solution provider, Flexituff – through its niche products – now serves the domain needs of Retail, Agro and Infrastructure sectors. With four manufacturing plants across India, a wholly-owned distribution company in United Kingdom and a dedicated warehousing supply and Technical Services network in all continents, exports to over 60 countries, employing over 7000 global citizens, Flexituff is truly an Indian multi-national company that has come of age !

As Good As It Gets !

Flexituff has an enviable number of attributes working for you. Economies of scale, the edge of attitude, 100% integration under one roof, global foot-prints over two decades of being in the industry and the cost advantages of Asia. Surely, this is as good as it gets………

The Edge of Integration, Innovation and Excellence

What indeed sets Flexituff apart is not its 100% integrated in-house production, mammoth capacity off world’s largest clean-room facility, Global Quality Accreditations, or Research-led technology-intensive products but the commitment to total customer satisfaction made possible by sheer dedication of the Team Flexituff.